Highlighted here are some of the non-profit organizations that we work with and devote time to.

The Global Risk Mitigation Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is focused on the nexus between economic security and national security. The Foundation utilizes global experts in widely diverse fields providing  capacity-building trainings, sensitive geopolitical Track 2 discussions, along with comprehensive risk analyses and risk management with deep expertise across a number of fields: unconventional warfare,  counterterrorism, sensitive technology, anti-corruption, geopolitics, organized crime,  legal, education, cultural, construction, disaster, logistics/sustainment, economic development, entrepreneurship and financial integrity.  The Foundation’s unique risk model enhances and protects all stages of international and domestic projects and organizations by assessing viability and feasibility, together with associated country and regional risks. The Foundation utilizes global experts in widely diverse fields.

Mr. David Day serves as the Foundation’s Chairman and Dr. Elizabeth Chan is its CEO. Both of them are also Founding Directors of the organization.


The American Bar Association International Section

Asia-Related International

David is the Chairman of the International Section’s China Belt & Road Task Force.This American Bar Association initiative is focused on the legal challenges and opportunities posed by China’s Belt & Road Initiative as well as the response by the United States and other nations.
Elizabeth is the Chair of the American Bar Association Committee on Infrastructure Development Finance, a part of the American Bar Association’s Belt & Road Task Force.  The Infrastructure Finance Committee focuses on financing opportunities for development projects ranging from multilateral banks to private sector options.
David was the architect of a 7-part educational series hosted by the International Section in 2020 and 2021 on various aspects of China’s Belt & Road Initiative.
Both David and Elizabeth have been featured speakers at numerous China-related ABA programs and continue to do so.

The National District Export Council

Following his nearly decade-long work with the export and business development work of the Hawaii Pacific Export Council, Mr. Day was elected in 2017 to represent the Pacific South Region of the United States (Southern and Central California, Nevada, Hawaii, along with the U.S. Trust Territories in the Pacific (Guam,  the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, and American Samoa) on the Board of Directors of the National District Export Council, working closely with the U.S. Department of Commerce along with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative in the White House. David is the Chairman of the National Association of District Export Councils’ Trade Policy Committee. He continues to serve in this capacity.


Hawaii Pacific Export Council

David Day is the former Vice Chairman, and a current Director of the Hawaii Pacific Export Council. In addition, Elizabeth Chan is the the organization’s former CFO, and a current Director as well.

The Hawaii Pacific Export Council, (DEC) is a non-profit organization of local leaders and experienced international business professionals who provide assistance to local businesses expanding in international markets. Council members are appointed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and work with the U.S. Commercial Service and Hawaii Export Assistance Center as follows:

• Mentor local businesses

• Identify export financing sources

• Sponsor programs to create export awareness in the community

• Identify issues that impact export trade

• Encourage international trade education

• Build local export assistance partnerships

• Work through organizations such as SCORE and SBA