Public Speaker

Public Speaker

As an accomplished public speaker, Mr. Day is experienced with audiences of all sizes. He is also a media commentator and film/television show host on international business topics in the Asia Pacific Region.

Mr. Day isĀ  a master at creating unusual & engaging presentations. He is also well-versed in creating and delivering the exciting and challenging cross-cultural presentation–even through translators–before non-English speaking audiences.

Representative recent public appearances (both live and televised) have included:

“Philippine Nightmare: Haiyan”

“The Art of Appreciative Inquiry”

“Secrets for Negotiating Life”

“North Korea’s Crumbling Facade”

“China’s Next Moves After the ADIZ”

“Russia’s Asia Energy ‘Pivot'”

“The Nuclear Deal with Iran”

“North Korea: Navigating Transition with the ‘Mighty & Prosperous Nation’ Goal”

“Social Media’s Explosion in Asia”

“China takes a Swing at Corruption, Executing one of Its Al Capones “

“Doing Business in the New Vietnam: Tips and Pitfalls”

“Business Tactics & Negotiation Strategies in Working with Americans”

“High Technology Development in North Korea”

“Corruption in Asia: Why it so Prevalent and How can you handle it?”

“The Awakening Tiger: The New Indonesia”

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