Implications of Social Media in China

A fascinating discussion on the role of social media in China and its impact upon the direction of the country. The conversation examines the characteristics of China’s social media, the China Great Firewall and government attempts at censorship, the users’ counter-censorship/codes and the rise of Beijing’s “Soft Management” over internet use.

This provocative program also proves the viewer with a modest window into the possible future of China as influenced by social media.


This television show, aired statewide in Hawaii, features China Social Media expert Yang Yi, a Vasey Fellow at Pacific Forum CSIS and is hosted by international business lawyer David Day .

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The Great Firewall of China

Asia in Review host David F. Day in a discussion with Dan Leuck of Ikayzo on the Great Firewall of China.

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The Social Networking Explosion in Asia

Asia in Review host David F. Day in a discussion with Dan Leuck of Ikazo on the Social Networking Explosion in Asia.

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Technology Developments in North Korea and Implications for Regime Stability

International lawyer David F. Day discusses the Koryolink mobile phone explosion, software development, and IT outsourcing in North Korea and what technology development means for North Korea and its people going forward.

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