Eastern Europe & Stability on the Korean Peninsula

A provocative discussion on North Korea’s relationship with the former Soviet Eastern-Block countries and their impact upon the stability on the Korean Peninsula. This interesting conversation examines the diplomatic history, the current ongoing trade and aid relationships, and examines the soft power that these Eastern European nations now have with North Korea and how that soft power might be utilized to assist North Korea to navigate a path of economic reform.

This program also proves the viewer with an unusual glimpse of recent European private sector company investments in North Korea.

This television show , aired statewide in Hawaii, features as its special guest, Petra Dunne, a Kelly Fellow at Pacific Forum CSIS and a former member of the Czech Republic delegation to the UN. The show is hosted by David Day.

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Implications of Social Media in China

A fascinating discussion on the role of social media in China and its impact upon the direction of the country. The conversation examines the characteristics of China’s social media, the China Great Firewall and government attempts at censorship, the users’ counter-censorship/codes and the rise of Beijing’s “Soft Management” over internet use.

This provocative program also proves the viewer with a modest window into the possible future of China as influenced by social media.


This television show, aired statewide in Hawaii, features China Social Media expert Yang Yi, a Vasey Fellow at Pacific Forum CSIS and is hosted by international business lawyer David Day .

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The Aquaculture Solution to the Food Security Crisis

A colorful and highly educational examination of the food security crisis facing the world now, the potential regional conflicts developing that we currently see, and the challenge when our oceans reach their maximum sustainable yield as they now have. This programs touches upon the various “fish farming/aquaculture” technologies from the time of the ancient Hawaiians forward and then explores the new technology of offshore ocean farming that is about to get underway off of the Hawaiian islands.

The “Farm”


This television show hosted by international business lawyer David Day, and aired statewide in Hawaii, features the CEO of Hawaii Oceanic Technology, Inc., Mr. William “Bill” Spencer. Mr. Spencer’s company is the global pioneer for offshore ocean farming and aquaculture.

The Oceansphere





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Exchange between David Day and U.S. Secy of Commerce John Bryson during APEC week

This exchange between the newly-appointed U.S. Secretary of Commerce, John Bryson, and David Day took place during the APEC week in Honolulu in November of 2011. This particular conference was held at at the Foreign Trade Zone in Honolulu on November 10, 2011. Here, David lays out a series of suggested actions for the “new” U.S. Commerce Dept to undertake as a means of enhancing its support for business in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. This video does not include a portion of the exchange in which Mr. Day is urging Commerce to focus on using Hawaii more often as a “gathering place” for critical meetings and conferences, like APEC, that involve business in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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Hawaii’s Surprising Gains in International Business Development

In this television show, David Day hosts the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Director General of the U.S Commercial Service, Mr. Suresh Kumar. David and Suresh engage in a lively discussion over the surprising improved performance of Hawaii business in international exports and business. During this program, the discussion also features specific Hawaii companies that have won national export awards, the role of the U.S. Commercial Service in supporting American business here in the Asia Pacific Region, and the business opportunities flowing to Hawaii business out of the 2011 APEC Conference in Honolulu.

Suresh Kumar, Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Director General of the U.S. Commercial Service.

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The Great Firewall of China

Asia in Review host David F. Day in a discussion with Dan Leuck of Ikayzo on the Great Firewall of China.

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The Social Networking Explosion in Asia

Asia in Review host David F. Day in a discussion with Dan Leuck of Ikazo on the Social Networking Explosion in Asia.

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What Hawaii can do to take advantage of the APEC Summit?

Former U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia Al La Porta and David F. Day discuss APEC, what APEC means for Hawaii, and what it is that Hawaii can do to not only prepare for, but take advantage of this once-in-a-generation opportunity. This program also includes discussion about Mongolia’s role as an intermediary between the U.S., China, and North Korea and also Mongolia’s potential for assisting North Korea in its economic development.

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