The Asia-Pacific Region’s Flashpoints: An Update

Brad Glosserman Executive Director Pacific Forum, CSIS

Brad Glosserman
Executive Director
Pacific Forum, CSIS

Pacific Forum CSIS’s Executive Director, Brad Glosserman, reviews with David Day the key tense and potentially dangerous security Flashpoints that the Asia-Pacific Region now faces.


Asia Pacific Region

Asia Pacific Region

The conversation places these Flashpoints in the context of the rising economic dynamism of the Region, the re-focus of the “whole of government and business” into the Region and its need for stability and security. Potential border spillover Flashpoints are considered with (1)  the ethnic violence in Myanmar,(2) the latest developments in the South China Sea disputes (including the possibility of China now dragging Malaysia into the fray, in addition to the Philippines and Vietnam), (3) China’s dispute with Japan over the Senkakus, and (4) the current situation with the enhanced bellicose rhetoric coming out of North Korea.


Hosted by David Day

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Abe’s Tailwind and the End of the “Twisted Diet” for Japan

     Abe and Abenomics have just received a resounding vote of confidence in the recent elections in Japan. Are we now witnessing the end of Japan’s leadership desert? To be sure, Japan still faces the multiple dragons of its economy, its aging population, its nuclear/energy challenges, and China, among others. But Shinzo Abe is riding a new Japanese fire and hope that have been long absent.


Hosted by David Day, this week’s “Issues & Insights” special guest is Dr. Jeffrey W. Hornung, an adjunct Fellow with the Office of the Japan Chair for the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. and an Associate Professor at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in Honolulu.

Dr. Jeffrey Hornung Fellow, Office of Japan Chair, CSIS Washington, D.C. Professor, Asia Pacific Center for Strategic Studies, Honolulu

Dr. Jeffrey Hornung
Fellow, Office of Japan Chair, CSIS Washington, D.C.
Professor, Asia Pacific Center for Strategic Studies, Honolulu

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Assisting American Business in Asia

An in-depth interview with Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Asia, Craig Allen. Hosted for Hawaii statewide television by David Day, this program explores the role of the the U.S. Department of Commerce in facilitating American business in Asian markets.

The show covers the significance of exports, initiatives for tourism, special business opportunities that are coming, the significance of the U.S. Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) and its impact upon the U.S. and Hawaii, in particular. Interestingly, the conversation also turns to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and special issues involving trade between the U.S. and China.

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Shizuoka Prefecture: Japan’s Rising Star

       A fascinating discussion with a most unusual Japanese political leader, Dr. Heita Kawakatsu, Govenor of the Shizuoka Prefecture and the home of Mt. Fuji. In terms of disaster preparation and training, Shizuoka Prefecture is now on the cutting edge for the Region.

This in-depth conversation includes discussion about Shizuoka’s renewable energy policy in the wake of the closure of its own nuclear plants, its remarkable initiative facilitating U.S. Japan disaster cooperation, and its clean energy strategy with the State of  Hawaii and Hawaii’s clean energy industry.


Hosted for Hawaii statewide television by international business lawyer David Day, Govenor Kawakatsu also addresses shifting public opinion in Shizuoka regarding public attitudes towards the U.S. military and Marine Corps in particular.  As the home of Japan’s icon, Mt. Fuji, Govenor Kawakatsu speaks about the cultural significance of Mt. Fuji and its upcoming designation as a World Cultural Heritage site.

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“Mediating in Zones of Terror” – Part 2: Following the Cold War and 9/11, the Destabilizing Efforts of China in the Region

In Part 2 of this Hawaii television show,  David Day again interviews the successful international peace mediator between the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the U.S. Military, and both the radical and moderate Muslim groups in the Southern Islands of the Philippines, Mr. Al Santoli.

Mr. Santoli is the CEO of Asia America Initiative, a non-profit NGO headquartered in Washington D. C. but which now boasts over 1000 volunteers in the Philippines.


In this Episode 2 of a 2-part series, Mr. Al Santoli, describes the component pieces or building blocks of his own fascinating experiences from the Vietnam war to broader challenges in  Southeast Asia to Afghanistan–all working with tribal peoples during the Cold War. He describes the recent historical roots of terrorism over the past few decades that the United States has had to deal with. These experiences and building blocks have been integral in the development of the unique, multi-generational counter-insurgency strategy that his foundation is now successfully conducting in the radical Muslim islands of the Southern Philippines.

The conversation also includes a stunning disclosure of the destabilizing efforts of China in these southern islands, including potential economic warfare.

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APEC 2011: What Was Accomplished? The Backstory.

In this special “Asia in Review” televised radio Broadcast, Hawaii television and radio host David Day is joined by special guests John Holman, the Senior U.S. Commercial Officer for Hawaii and the Pacific Islands and former APEC Ambassador Lauren Moriarity.


The program focuses on the accomplishments that the Hawaii APEC conference achieved from the perspective of business, but which most of the media missed entirely. This is the real backstory.

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The Taiwan Success Story

In this televised, “Asia in Review” Broadcast, David Day engages Taiwan expert Prof. William Sharp in a lively discussion about Taiwan’s historic background, democratic institutions and structure, strategic challenges with China (including the South China Sea dispute), and its delicate relationship with the United States.

Bill Sharp and David Day on “The Taiwan Success Story”

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Hawaii’s Surprising Gains in International Business Development

In this television show, David Day hosts the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Director General of the U.S Commercial Service, Mr. Suresh Kumar. David and Suresh engage in a lively discussion over the surprising improved performance of Hawaii business in international exports and business. During this program, the discussion also features specific Hawaii companies that have won national export awards, the role of the U.S. Commercial Service in supporting American business here in the Asia Pacific Region, and the business opportunities flowing to Hawaii business out of the 2011 APEC Conference in Honolulu.

Suresh Kumar, Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Director General of the U.S. Commercial Service.

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