Assisting American Business in Asia

An in-depth interview with Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Asia, Craig Allen. Hosted for Hawaii statewide television by David Day, this program explores the role of the the U.S. Department of Commerce in facilitating American business in Asian markets.

The show covers the significance of exports, initiatives for tourism, special business opportunities that are coming, the significance of the U.S. Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) and its impact upon the U.S. and Hawaii, in particular. Interestingly, the conversation also turns to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and special issues involving trade between the U.S. and China.

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Eastern Europe & Stability on the Korean Peninsula

A provocative discussion on North Korea’s relationship with the former Soviet Eastern-Block countries and their impact upon the stability on the Korean Peninsula. This interesting conversation examines the diplomatic history, the current ongoing trade and aid relationships, and examines the soft power that these Eastern European nations now have with North Korea and how that soft power might be utilized to assist North Korea to navigate a path of economic reform.

This program also proves the viewer with an unusual glimpse of recent European private sector company investments in North Korea.

This television show , aired statewide in Hawaii, features as its special guest, Petra Dunne, a Kelly Fellow at Pacific Forum CSIS and a former member of the Czech Republic delegation to the UN. The show is hosted by David Day.

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Fourth of July–236 Years Later


Several senior, retired military leaders along with a former Governor were interviewed to get their perspective on the real meaning of the 4th of July: Marine General Hank Stackpole (former Director of the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies), veteran and former Hawaii Governor George Ariyoshi, Admiral “Zap” Zlatoper (now a Trustee of the Campbell Estate),  General Dan Leaf ( currently, the Director of the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies), and  Colonel Ralph Cossa (now the President of Pacific Forum,CSIS).

We think you will enjoy and learn from their passion, emotion, perspectives, and optimism for America’s future.




The program concludes with a view on the meaning of the 4th of July from a younger generation, a high school student.


This program aired statewide several times throughout the week of July 4, 2012 on Hawaii televison.

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Hawaii’s Bridge to the New Burma

A probing discussion on the changes and reforms Myanmar is undergoing along with the very unusual links that Hawaii has with this country. The conversation includes a look at the potential for American business in Burma/Myanmar.


Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon

Yangon Pagoda

Strategic Location



This television show, aired statewide in Hawaii, is hosted by international business lawyer David Day with 2 special guests recently returning from Myanmar: Professor Miemie Byrd of the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies (a Burmese-American with family in Myanmar today) and Karen Knudsen, the Director of External Affairs for Hawaii’s East West Center.


Ms. Byrd & Knudsen @ NLD Shop


Democracy’s Road

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Exploring Vietnam & Impacting Hawaii Students

Join “Asia in Review” television host and commentator David Day in this heart-warming program uncovering the new life directions of 2 Hawaii students occasioned by a trip that they made to Vietnam sponsored by the Hawaii NGO, the Pacific and Asian Affairs Council.


The program aired in Hawaii and features Natasha Schultz, the high school program coordinator for PAAC, and students Brittaney Moorehead and Sierra Calihan.

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Entering a New International Market: Developing Critical Depth

This “Asia in Review” Hawaii television show probes the interesting nexus between international business and foreign policy/geopolitics.



Hosted by David Day, this program’s special guests are Mr. John Holman, the Senior U.S. Commercial Officer for the Hawaii and the Pacific Islands (U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Dept of Commerce), and Mr. Michael Messina, Director of Development for the Asia-focused, foreign policy/geopolitical think tank, Pacific Forum, CSIS.



This lively discussion includes the Why and the How of using the resources of both of these organizations when a businessperson is preparing to launch into a new international market.

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The Taiwan Success Story

In this televised, “Asia in Review” Broadcast, David Day engages Taiwan expert Prof. William Sharp in a lively discussion about Taiwan’s historic background, democratic institutions and structure, strategic challenges with China (including the South China Sea dispute), and its delicate relationship with the United States.

Bill Sharp and David Day on “The Taiwan Success Story”

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Exchange between David Day and U.S. Secy of Commerce John Bryson during APEC week

This exchange between the newly-appointed U.S. Secretary of Commerce, John Bryson, and David Day took place during the APEC week in Honolulu in November of 2011. This particular conference was held at at the Foreign Trade Zone in Honolulu on November 10, 2011. Here, David lays out a series of suggested actions for the “new” U.S. Commerce Dept to undertake as a means of enhancing its support for business in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. This video does not include a portion of the exchange in which Mr. Day is urging Commerce to focus on using Hawaii more often as a “gathering place” for critical meetings and conferences, like APEC, that involve business in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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