Hawaii’s Education of International Lawyers


  Education has always been an important business sector for Hawaii and the William S. Richardson Law School, in its 40 years of existence,  has developed quite a reputation in the field for educating U.S. lawyers in the Pacific. The Richardson law school has also moved to develop a strong Master of Laws program that now attracts experienced foreign lawyers to study in Hawaii.

This program is an engaging  conversation that probes some of the the challenges that these foreign lawyers face with the U.S. legal education system, including the “socratic” method of teaching.  The conversation also looks at the important contributions these international lawyers make to both the global viewpoint and “internationalized” education of future U.S. lawyers.




David Day engages in an interesting conversation with special guests Spencer Kimura, Director of the LLM progam at the University of Hawaii’s William S. Richardson Law School, along with foreign lawyers now studying at Richardson: Mr. Akesh Abhilash (Singapore), Ms. Nicole Brauchli-Jageneau (Belgium/Switzerland), and Ms. Carolina Monserrat Bezy (Chile).


Richardson law school crowd

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