Will Japan, Inc. follow Toshiba’s Strategy Prepping for even stronger yen?

Toshiba and select Japanese currency traders are quietly preparing for an ever-strengthening Yen. Plans include a reasonable expectation that the Yen will plummet below the 70 = $1.00 floor. This will make an all-time post-war low for the U.S. dollar.

While we might see this as a strengthening yen that the Japanese central bank cannot do much about, what is really happening is that Tokyo is not so much fighting a yen that is getting stronger…but a dollar that is getting weaker by the day.

Toshiba is out in front of Japan, Inc. and recently adopted a strategy profiting from the Yen’s rise by changing the company’s procurement policies and production techniques.

In order to follow Toshiba, the rest of Japan, Inc. will now have to face big changes.

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